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Evince believes in full transparency hence our complete web development process is derived from this objective. With close coordination with our clients , we provide continual feedback and suggestions to ensure success in enhancing our process. As your technical partner, we walk with you hand in hand and offer you the best flexible platform for your business to make it grow better and reach higher.

Our 7D ProcessWeb / Mobile Development

  • D1

    Discover Identify & Qualify

    RFQ, NDA Signing, Proposal, SOW.

  • Define Analyse & Plan

    Requirement spec., Function specification and the milestone.

  • D3

    Design Architect & Create

    The UI design, Prototype, DB Design and the test case.

  • Develop Code & Execute

    Apps developed as per SOW & Standards.

  • D5

    Debug Test & Fix

    Application is tested and identified gaps fixed.

  • Deploy Install & Config

    Setting up the server and making Live.

  • D7

    Dissect Enhance & Support

    Training & Fine tuning.

Our process for website design, website development, thus involves the following simple steps:

  • Project Definition
  • Site Structure
  • GUI Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Site Launching

#1 Project Definition:

We assess your need and do a complete Project Definition and then we document the specifications, which serves as the blue print for development. It includes the following:
  • Client Survey
  • Target audience
  • Goal of the website
  • Project Brief
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Project Plan

Upon receipt of signed proposal and 50% down payment,The first stage is where we determine what needs to be done, what are the key requirements, working closely with you to understand your business and your objectives.

#2 Site Structure

We will outline the technical aspects, the functions and features, how it will all be integrated into the framework in order to create the desired outcome.
  • Content Outline
  • Site Diagram
  • The number and types of your pages
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype

We assign a project team to work on all stages of the project. Each team member is selected for each project by matching experience with those skills and talents required by that particular project. The Project Manager remains the primary contact for you and is ultimately responsible for the successful deliverable.

#3 GUI Design

The project team then begins building graphical concepts based on the parameters set forth within the Project Plan. Based on your input and then amalgamating it with their creativity they leave no stone unturned to bring forth the desired results.

  • We listen to our customers and allow them to provide all kind of inputs.
  • Our research team prepares a questionnaire for the client to get his input on the basic requirements. Based on the client's input we design the website while keeping in mind target audience, market and overall uses of the site.
  • We develop three or more mock ups and send all these to the specific client for their valued feedback.
  • After the client approves the design, we further fine tune it and make it search engine friendly.
  • After the final implementation we send the design for approval from the client.
  • After the design is approved we implement the final design in the prototype.

Our design team will create the visual elements, style, layout, fonts, colour scheme that best represents your company/branding.

#4 Coding process

Our next step is to do the coding, professionally according to W3 standards. We use the HTML/CSS technique for the front end coding and PHP/MySQL for backend coding. During the process, we provide you with continual updates and listen to your feedback. We walk with you during this process and render our suggestion to augment the end result. The client's team members as well as the Evince's staff who are involved in the development of the site has the access to view the dev site in our server.
  • Technical/Functional Plan
  • Build and Integrate Site

This is the point where all the technical and functional features are ironed out and we begin to build your site.

#5 Testing

After the programming and integration is completed, we put the site through a Quality Control inspection to ensure that bugs and or error pages are corrected. It is during this time that you will also be able to click through the site to do your own testing and report any problems to the Project Manager.
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Priorities Issues
  • Refine Site

Prior to launch we will rigorously test the functionality of the site, ensuring there are no issues. Any problems are resolved to ensure a smooth running website.

#6 Site Launching

Once both parties are satisfied with the completed Web site, we make it live on the Internet. The new site is launched and is made available to the public.
  • Launch Site
  • Implement Maintenance Plan

Final stage is launching your website live online.

For more information, please contact us with the specifications for your project. You can email our sales team at, also you can call us at following numbers.
India: (+91) 44 42170775, (+91) 91766 40375
USA [Toll Free]: 866 220 6565

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  • Free Domain and Hosting for 1year
  • Unlimited pages, unique design
  • Upload graphics photos with built-in editor
  • Open source Content management system
  • Update contents changes anytime
  • Google Analytics
  • No more expensive bills for maintenance
  • No extra software to buy or install
  • Online backups, disaster recovery
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