Used By:


  • Message Board

    Interact with your customer.

  • Poll & Survey

    Get user opinion about your website or any subject.

  • Newsletter

    Share plain text or HTML newsletter to the subscribers.

  • Testimonial

    Helps users to provide testimonial about your website.

  • Location Map

    Add your location map to find you easily.

  • Hit Counter

    Learn about the number of visitors visiting your website in a particular duration.

  • Event Calendar

    Display a event calendar to mark your events on your website.

  • Tell A Friend

    It helps your site visitors to share your website with their friends.

  • Photo gallery

    Display all your photos in an album.

  • Guest book

    Let your visitor leave their feedback about your website for everyone to view.

  • Live Chat

    Online chat with the people interested in your website.

  • Social Networking

    Build social relations with everyone.

  • Search box

    Search the Web or the Website.

  • Blog

    Interact with one another on a particular topic.

  • Forum

    Interact with one another on a particular topic & reply.

  • Font Change

    Change the website font and color of your choice.

  • Quick Links

    Shortcuts to move directly to a particular page.

  • Calculator


    Calculator for calculating currency, bars, etc

  • Ratings


    Star rating in a more easy way

  • Graphical View


    Converting data into appealing graphs

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  • Free Domain and Hosting for 1year
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  • Open source Content management system
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  • Google Analytics
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  • Online backups, disaster recovery
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