We develop websites & web application for CMS, Super Admin, Wordpress, Static sites etc. Rate: $7 /hr

Website Development

We develop cloud based customised Apps uniquely for your business. Marketing, Finance, MIS, HRMS, Sales etc. Rate: $8 /hr

ERP Custom App Development

We develop Hybrid, Native IOS & Android Apps. eg. mCommerce, Remote monitoring IOT App solutions. Rate: $9 /hr

Mobile App Development

Best Web & Mobile designs using Bootstrap. Have a responsive design compatible with all devices. Rate: $6 /hr

Designs UI/UX

Development of customised learning portals for LMS, Online training, tutorials etc. Using SCORM, Moodle etc. Rate: $9 /hr

e-learning Solutions

Sell products & services through web & mobile quick. Magento, POS, Inventory, Mobile App solutions. Rate: $7 /hr

e-commerce Sites

Portfolio (Web & Mobile)

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Evince Technologies, Chennai, India

Job Openings
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PHP Developer

proficiency in logical coding skills.

Quality Analyst (QA)

ability to deliver perfect Apps.

SEO Analyst

ability to bring online leads.
Offers*: Free Domain & Hosting. No Cost UI designs for ERP, CRM & any Web application development | Top development company with best pricing and quality from Chennai, India.

Cloud based - Web apps

Build Open source web solutions over the cloud in quick time.
Generate different audit reports with real time and past data.
Control all your office branches through a secured web application.
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IoT & Big Data

The IoT is the network of physical objects.
Big Data gives insights & opportunities from huge data.
We offer enterprise IoT & Big Data solutions.
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Office Automation - Bots

Use of Information Technology(IT) in an office environment is Office automation.
IT is applied on clerical tasks like maintaining correspondence & documentation.
IT reduces time taken to do jobs. Bots saves time & increases sales.
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Email: info@evincetech.com , Phone: (+91) 44 42170775, Whatsapp: (+91) 91766 40375, Skype: evincetech_info

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Our 7D ProcessWeb / Mobile Development

  • D1

    Discover Identify & Qualify

    RFQ, NDA Signing, Proposal, SOW.

  • Define Analyse & Plan

    Requirement spec., Function specification and the milestone.

  • D3

    Design Architect & Create

    The UI design, Prototype, DB Design and the test case.

  • Develop Code & Execute

    Application developed as per requirement & Standards.

  • D5

    Debug Test & Fix

    Application is tested and identified gaps fixed.

  • Deploy Install & Config

    Setting up and configuring the server and making Live.

  • D7

    Dissect Enhance & Support

    Training & Fine tuning.

Our Expertise

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • LESS
  • Jquery
  • AngularJS
  • BackboneJS
  • EmberJS
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Indexed DB
  • REST API- Json
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • Jquery Mobile
  • Android Apps
  • IOS Apps
  • Selenium

Latest Happenings

  • Developing a Job Portal Web Application that handles resource of various sectors for a consultant company.
  • Developed a software for the filing of GST for various industry.
  • Working in... development of CRM integrated with Hadoop, developing a service management ERP, developing invoice management system with huge inventory & multi pricing for a product.
  • Recently launched Vendor Management ERP, Recycling Factory management ERP, Task Management ERP.
  • Developed a HR management software (HRMS) for the complete control of a manufacturing industry with integration to attendance management hardware.
  • Developed a trip planner web application with integration of various API like Factual, Expedia, Google, Trip advisior etc.
  • Developed an online question bank application for the creation of question paper within limited time frame.
  • Creating a web application for the easy submission of GST.
  • Working on an ERP application with CRM for office Automation. Also developing a Project management software with complete process automation for a reputed company.
  • Developed an online Insurance Policy comparison website, direct comparison of insurance premium and purchasing the insurance policy online.
  • Developed Online & Offline web application product. The offline Data will sync automatically with live DB when Online.
  • Doing R&D on Internet of Things to make our products interact with real Objects.
  • Developed & Launched web portal and mobile app for online Bus ticket booking website with robust features.
  • Developed a social interaction website for a professional community to interact and share within their network
  • Worked using amazon API for an eCommerce website to bring in the complete amazon product details into the eCommerce website.
  • Hospity, an online hospital management software that helps to manage the complete functions of a hospital.
  • Developing an eCommerce website in iOS and Android for the grocery platform.
  • Developed a multi vendor eCommerce website for a top notch eCommerce company.
  • Developed a pinterest website for an Australian client.
  • Magento customization for a popular German e-Commerce site completed.
  • Developing a social networking website for the integration of various platforms.
  • Launched US Recruiters Portal, an Indian e-commerse website, Book store Application and a Letter composer Application using complete Jquery framework.
  • Developing a responsive website where consumers or common users can rate and review any brands (data) that are searchable on the Internet (first time or unrated) and also fetched from the internal database (once rated)

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